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I educate Senior Executives, Project  Managers and Functional Managers to Avoid Pitfalls, Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars, and Maximize Success in their ERP implementation!

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simplify, organize, and empower your team! 

Evaluate -

Define your Metrics for Success, identify your team and any gaps, and lay out the logistics and communication cadence for the Implementation.


Identify all your data sources and reporting needs, plan your training efforts, and document your integrations and technology to support the project.

Execute -

Prepare for testing to ensure success, initiate your Organizational Change Management, and map out your budgets and financial statements knowing the entire scope of your organization’s efforts!

About Us

We use our experience to create yours

BTG Workday ERP Planner

WE have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to Workday Implementation!  From both the Partner side and the customer side.  With that experience we have analyzed what typically goes wrong, and created our signature solution.  We know how to help you figure out what you don't know so you can be successful in you efforts to implement Workday. 

With our 9 step signature solution we take the 

not knowing what you don't know

out of the equation and get you organized for your project. We leave no stone unturned and prepare you for the monumental undertaking that implementing a new ERP system can be.  

With everything documented, dashboards and metrics established, cadences for meetings identified, and communications in place, it just a matter of going through the process of Implementation without surprises, information overload or frustration of not knowing what to expect!


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Every Workday Implementation is unique!  Every Customer has their own culture and business requirements that will drive their project.  Therefore we have built our tools to can handle any situation.

We give you the process, tools, and Workday Project knowledge, so you and your team can get organized quickly and get prepared for the upcoming task!


Check what our clients say about us

Everyone needs a Kris Pauly on their Workday Project!

His signature solution puts everything in perspective and clearly identified the many gaps in our planning efforts.  

Highly recommend this for every organization implementing Workday!

Tammy E.

Workday systems  Director

With over ten years experience in the Workday ecosystem I can say without hesitation that this is a truly unique approach. There is no other solution out there that will save you more time, money, or energy. The BTG solution will make you successful and save you headaches for years to come.

Chad S.

Owner - CS Consultanting

Kris managed the project across HCM, Financials, Integrations and cross-functional applications.

During this time he was able to dedicate a significant amount of his time to aligning stakeholders in a complex merger environment and successfully execute the Workday project to deliver on-time.

Chris G.

VP of Business Systems

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