Impl-Risk Assessment

Are WE ready? Most Senior members of organizations implementing Workday will ask this question going into a large scale ERP Implementation. Let us help you answer this question while offering recommendations to remediate the risks identified …

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Workday Guides

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a base set of Workday Guides during your Workday implementation? We have built a large repository of generic Workday guides to help kickstart your implementation! Even better, we can assist in customizing these guides to your specific Tenant, saving you time, money, and expedite adoption!

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Workday Reports

Tired of paying top dollar partner firms to create Workday Reports? We have a library of thousands of reports and are offing these report definitions at a fraction of what a partner firm would charge to create. We can even help build and customize these reports for you in your tenant!

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Don’t Gamble with your ERP Budget!

BTG Consulting focuses on Workday ERP Implementations and support! Since we have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (queue the music ) we have developed some tools and products to help you ensure your Workday Implementation is Successful!

I got involved in Managing Workday Implementations, on the customer side after seeing way too many customers struggle with trying to manage their Workday Implementation projects on their own. Even with a solid Project manager in place, the lack of dealing with large scale ERP projects left them ill-equipped to prepare the organization for the risks that are unique to Workday projects.

After managing over a dozen (and counting) Workday projects, we have developed a process that allows us to identify many of the risks that can derail your Implementation. We can also help you identify tactics or tricks related to your project that can help you stretch your budget!

I like to think of our Risk Assessment as an insurance policy for your ERP investment. My last project saved over 20% of its multimillion-dollar implementation budget based on my risk assessment, and saved even more on long term operating costs!

Next Steps…

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