Are you ready for your upcoming ERP implementation? 

 September 23, 2020

By  Kris Pauly

The short answer is, probably not as much as you should be, but bear with me and let me explain why and show you how to do a quick assessment to get a sense of where you are!

I once heard ERP implementations are like building a plane while it was in the air.  I think this metaphor is pretty spot-on, and this video is hilarious to watch!  


You and your team will be learning new terminology, a new system, new processes, new skills while you are trying to run your business in your legacy system.  What’s curious about this metaphor is, if you look close at what it would to take to build a plane while it was in the air, there are some hidden bits of truth that can really help you!

Like… who is going to fly the plane?  Your Pilot or system owner will need to know how to fly right from the start.  Your aircrew or functional leads will also need to know how to work in this new system.  It will probably be uncomfortable for the passengers or employees while they deal with a system that is being built well enough to launch.  Dig a little deeper, where is your plane going?  Have you planned where you are going to touch down?  This metaphor has some really freaky hidden truths once you take a few minutes to study it!

So how do you get ready for this massive shift?  How do you plan for something that you have never worked in or experienced? 

In my honest opinion, the reason 70% of ERP implementations fail is that there is very little support or training on how to plan and prepare for these implementations. It isn’t that your team doesn’t want to be successful, they just don’t know what they don’t know!  

I pulled together a quick assessment that is open to the public to evaluate where you are in your process of preparing for your implementation. Answer these 10 questions and I will reply with a individualized evaluation and next steps to help you prepare. Access the assessment here: Quick 10 question quiz – Are you ERP Implementation ready? to see how ready you are for your implementation.

We will publish periodically summary data from this in the future. I bet the findings will surprise most people! Let me know in the comments below how you have or are planning and prepping for your implementation!

Kris Pauly

Workday Implementation PM Hit Man | Business Analyst | ERP Project Planner | Servant Leader | Independent Contractor - your go-to Hit Man when your Workday implementation has to be successful!

Kris Pauly

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