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Implementation Risk Assessment

Are WE ready? Most Senior members of organizations implementing Workday ask this question. Let us help you answer that question, and offer solutions to remediate risks identified

Workday User Guides

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a basic set of Workday User Guides going into your implementation? That is what we thought, so we created a generic set of Workday user guides to help kickstart your implementation!

Workday Reports

Tired of paying top dollar for partner firms to create Workday Reports? We have a library of thousands and are offing these report definitions at a fraction of what a consultant would charge too build. We can even help build and customize these reports for you in your tenant!

BTG How-To Guides

Wouldn’t it be great to have a jump start on building out your How-To guides while implementing Workday? Now you can! We have built dozens of customers How-To guides and compiled an ever-expanding library to kick-start your efforts! This will save you time, effort and money while putting you way ahead of the learning curve! Even better yet, let our talented team turn this baseline into a customized library that is exactly what your organization needs!

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